Get in the mind of your customers and drive behavior.

Most companies miss what matters most.

The last 10 years has been a golden age for understanding how the human mind works. We know that the average person makes over 35,000 decisions a day. Talk about information overload!

To protect us from having to make all these decisions, our brains have developed a non-conscious filter that most often decides not to make a decision, and move on.

A limitation of contemporary research is that it focuses on insights that sit above the surface, in our conscious brain. So most companies miss the most impactful insights that are sitting below the surface. These deeper insights shed light on ways to cut through consumers' non-conscious filter and get them into a decision-making state.

Enter Limetree. We combine market leading behavioral data, behavioral science, behavioral design and technology to predict and drive customer behavior.

Meet the Team

We are a collection of industry leaders inside each of our core disciplines. We mix big agency talent with boutique efficiencies that allow us to deliver the maximum impact for a more reasonable investment. We also have a technology edge that helps us scale our programs and deliver ongoing, insight-driven marketing communications.


Tom Rouse

Founder & President


Will Leach

Behavioral Science Advisor


Steve Durman

Principal, Creative Strategy & Execution


Galen Swint, PhD

Managing Director


Scott Rogaliner

Finance and Compliance Officer


Mike Meadows

Chief Strategy Officer

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